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Puppy Care and Potty Training

Patience is the Key!  This will not come over night and there will be many accidents along the way.  Remember, these dogs respond well to praise and are still learning what is expected of them. 


Puppy Exercise - It’s critical to find that balance for puppy to ensure that they are not being Under-exercised OR Over-exercised.  Putting too much strain on their young growth plates can cause long term damage.

Food - When your puppy goes home with you, it will be accustomed to Acana Wild Coast Puppy Food. It isn’t mandatory that you use the same food, but it does work well for us.

Find something that fits your budget and is easy for you to obtain.

Your pup will do best with a consistent diet. And remember,

the most expensive food on the market isn’t always the best. 

During the first 3 weeks of the puppy’s life, the Dam does the majority of the work.  At 3 weeks of age, I start to introduce them to Acana Puppy Food which has been moistened and blended.  These pups do not have any teeth yet, so it’s important that they are able to lap it up.


Between the 4-8 weeks of age, I begin working on their Recall Command during their meal times.  I start to teach them to come to me by saying “Puppy Here”.  I allow them to eat a little, and then pick up the dish of food and walk back a step or two, and repeat “Puppy Here.”  This begins imprinting them on the Recall Command.  I continue doing this several times.  As the pups get older, I start walking further away.  

During this stage, I also start taking them out one at a time away from its litter mates for 5 minutes at a time.  During this one-on-one time, I start working on Body Positioning using the commands ‘Sit’ and ‘Down’.  

To teach ‘Sit’, I gently put one hand on it’s chest and my other hand midway down it’s tail and Scoop it’s rump into a sitting position.  I repeat this about 10 times, keeping everything Very Positive, then move on.

To teach ‘Down’, from a sitting position, place one hand on it’s back, near it’s shoulder blades, and with my other hand, carefully pull both feet forward.  I keep gentle pressure on the pups back and hold for about 6 seconds, praising them and fusing over them during this time.

*This type of activity teaches your dog to Accept Control, Body Positioning, and he will be easier to train when he is mentally more mature.


Worming is done at 3, 5 and 7 weeks of age and Immunizations are done at 6 weeks of age.  Ensuring the Health of these pups is super important and can be devastating to the pups if they’re not administered.  Your pup will require continued De-wormer and immunizations approx 2-4 weeks after they are home.  I would recommend talking to your vet and setup required appointments.


*The most critical time for a pup to bond with Humans is between the age of 6-16 weeks.*

It is around this time that the mother is removed and shots are given which can create a lot of stress on the pup.  Human contact is essential to ensure a the Healthiest pup possible. Between the ages of 7-8 weeks, your puppy can start his adventure with his new family!

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