Our Dogs

Big Red is a Pure Bred B/C brought in from a Registered Breeder in Oklahoma and is Registered with the AKC, CKC and CBCA. He comes from a strong line of working dogs being used for Agility, Search and Rescue, Fly-ball, and of course Herding Stock. 

This guy is a friendly cuddly teddy bear with a sweet, lovable, outgoing, gentle personalty and LOVES to please.  He’s a ‘dreamy wonder’ with his medium length, Red and White coat.

DOB: July 2017

CEA Results: Carrier

OFA: Excellent

Kona is a Pure Bred B/C brought in from a Working Ranch in Alberta and is registered with CBCA. CEA clear.  Her personality is calm and collected.  Although she is one of our younger dogs she still has a ton of determination and grit and will fight for her right!  This girl is a ‘show-stopper’ with her Smooth-coat, Blue Merle colour.

CEA Results: Clear/Normal by parentageOFA Hip Score: pending, 4 generations of 'good' 


Kona now lives with a loving family just 1 hour from us.  Her new family loves her to bits and pieces and are constantly giving us wonderful feed-back.  We were sad to let her go, however; she's doing what she does best-bringing life and love!

Lacy is 3/4 B/C and 1/4 Aussie Cattledog.  She was our families first dog and the reason we fell in love with this breed.  Her exquisite mind to be taught and understand commands was mind-blowing.  When working with our younger dogs, we use Lacy to set the example and show them the way.  Her desire to please is contagious and we just love having her as a part of our family.  She’s got ‘Beauty and Brains’ with her medium length, Black and White coat.

DOB: May 2014

CEA Results: Normal

Clear of all Genetic Diseases 

Lacy now lives with a loving family in Ontario where she is catered to and doted on like the Queen that she is.  She is a loved and forever remembered part of our lives and will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Cali - this blonde 'California girl' is a Purebred Lilac-coloured Merle Border Collie and Registered with ABCA and CBCA.   She is a Rare beauty that is easy on the eyes as well on the nerves.  Her calm and gentle demeanour are just a few of the reasons we love her so much.  We are so excited to have brought her back to BC from AB and are thrilled with how well-mannered and how lovely of a  temperament she has.  She's great with our kids, other dogs and visitors.  Cali is the mama to Kona, which is why we needed to scoop up this gorgeous girl when we had the chance.  We couldn't be more thrilled with this addition to our Trailblazing Clan!

DOB: July 2015

CEA Results: Normal

Hip Score: pending 3 Generations of 'Good'

Fern - comes from a working Ranch in Manitoba, then was recruited to help out on a large Ranch in AB, then; I managed to scoop her up to come join us!  She's 5 years old and her personality is quiet, sensitive, and curious.  She's very well mannered and loves to learn.  She is a little hesitant around new people, but once she knows you, she won't leave your side.

Registered with ABCA and CBCA. She's a Beautiful Black and White medium length coat.

DOB: January 2015

CEA Results: Normal

Clear of All Genetic Diseases