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How do I choose a litter? 

When a pregnancy is confirmed, a deposit list will start for the pups. 

How are the puppies picked out once they are born? 

After a litter is born, puppies are picked out in the order of the deposit list. Occasionally, a person holding a deposit may decide to wait for another litter. Example: Only females were born and a person would rather wait for a male pup from the next litter. In this case, we just carry on down the list. 

If there are any remaining puppies after we have made it through the deposit list, they will be clearly marked as available on the website. 

How long do I have to pick out a puppy? 

Most of the time it seems that puppies are picked out quite quickly and choices are generally based on gender and markings. If you would like to come and meet the puppies in order to make your decision, please feel free to do so. 

We ask that you make your selection within one week of 'your turn' to choose your pup. 

It is beneficial for everyone to know which pups have been selected and which pups are still available as soon as possible. Yes, the individual personality of the pups is likely to have some variation, but typically their style will be similar to the parents and what they have produced for pups so far. 

A lot of the personality traits that they will develop will be a direct result of their continued socialization, activity and training. 

Should I choose a male or a female? 

There's not too much difference, really. This boils down to personal preference. Both are just as wonderful as the other, equally trainable and have similar working traits. 

Females do come into season (which can be a nuisance) and can also ruin the grass on your lawn. But, the males will mark on your tires! In our experience, we have found females to be messier and mark their territory more so than males. 


How do I pay for a puppy? 

We accept cash, cheque and eTransfer. Please confirm with us if you have sent a deposit via eTransfer to make sure that it has come through correctly. We do not have a credit card machine on site. 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind? 

We do not offer refunds on puppy deposits. This is simply because we have undoubtably already turned someone away in order to hold a puppy for YOU! 

How can I reserve a puppy that is marked available on your website? 

If we have puppies available, they will be marked as such on the Puppies for Sale page. We require a $500 deposit to hold a pup for you until it is old enough to go home with you. 

How do I reserve a puppy on a waiting list? 

We require $500 to reserve a puppy. Once your deposit is received, you will then be added to the deposit waiting list for the litter you have specified. 

If there are available deposits on an upcoming litter, it will be marked on the puppies for sale page. 

What if I don't like any of the puppies in the litter I have a deposit on? 

Our puppy deposits are litter transferable. If for ANY REASON you are not in LOVE with the available pups from the litter you were waiting on (colour, gender, timing or otherwise), your deposit is 100% transferable to one of the next upcoming litters of your choice. 

We will do everything we can to make sure you find the puppy you are looking for! 

Can I meet your dogs and puppies? 

Yes, you are welcome to meet any of our dogs and pups. 

If you are not able to personally visit the pups, I will send videos and pictures of your chosen pup.  If you are deciding between a few different pups, I will send you multiple clips and pictures.

Can I visit a puppy I’ve reserved? 

Yes, you can visit your puppy once it is 4 weeks old.

Puppies eyes do not open until they are two weeks old and it takes a couple of weeks after that for them to be completely mobile. Sometimes people are disappointed if they visit the puppies before they are old enough to be active and playing.


Do you treat your puppies to prevent intestinal worms?

All of our pups are de-wormed at weeks. Internal parasites can be devastating for a young pup. We do everything we can to make sure that your pup remains as healthy as possible. 

Do you vaccinate your pups? 

Yes, your pup will receive it’s first vaccination before going to it’s new home. Your pup will require his next set of shots within 4 weeks of going home. 

We recommend that you talk with your vet about planning a health schedule for future vaccinations to best protect your pup in your area. 


Are your dogs eye tested? 

Yes, our dogs have been tested for CEA as well as gone through a panel of other Disease trait tests that are common in Border Collies.  All tests results have ensured healthy genetics within our breeding dogs.

What should I feed my puppy? 

When your puppy goes home with you, it will be accustomed to Acana Puppy & Junion Food. It isn’t mandatory that you use the same food, but it does work well for us. Find something that fits your budget and is easy for you to obtain. Your pup will do best with a consistent diet. 

Can you ship puppies? 

We can ship puppies to any Canadian airport that handles cargo. Shipping costs are $350 (subject to change) for all Canadian destinations. This includes flight, a bedded airline approved crate (yours to keep), and travel to the Abbotsford International Airport. Please note that flight costs to ship adult dogs and older puppies increases by crate size and weight. 

Can you hold a puppy longer than 8 weeks for us? 

We strongly recommend that you pick up your puppy as close to 8 weeks as possible. The transition from leaving it's litter mates and mother is when it will develop the strongest bond with you. It can be a very overwhelming time for a young pup and when you are there to comfort and provide for it, you are well on your way to stating an excellent relationship.

Is it ok to keep a dog in an apartment? 

Normally, we don't recommend that a border collie be kept in an apartment, but of course, there are exceptions to every rule. It is much more difficult to provide outside access in these arrangements. 

For the dog's sake, be very honest with yourself - if you are in any doubt, it's probably best not to do it! 

Can I raise a Border Collie without a fenced yard? 

It isn't necessary to have a fenced yard to raise a pup, but it sure can help! If you don't want to walk your pup on a leash every time it needs a bathroom break, a puppy safe yard can be a benefit! It is a bigger effort to raise a pup without a yard, but certainly very doable! 


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