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I thought you might like an update on Teak since she turned 1 today! 

What a girl! She’s so amazing and we love her to bits. She super smart - picks things up right away, has a great energy level, loves to be with her family and is so much fun. She loves people and enthusiastically greets everyone. We often joke that she’s so excited to see us when we get home that one day she’s going to wag her tail right off. 

Since she is now 1, we have started mountain biking with her and she has taken to it like a whiz. She is excellent with the bikes, listens really well on rides and stays right with my back tire. And, she LOVES going - she get so excited when we get the bikes out. We are really thrilled to have such a great companion out in the bush with us. 

Here are some Teak stats:

Her favourite things are: fetching balls, sticks and frisbees, hikes and mountain bikes, raw veggies (I swear she can hear me peel carrots from anywhere in the house), and sleeping with Willa (our 11 year old). I can’t believe we’d ever have a dog who was allowed up on the furniture, but Teak has someone wrangled herself onto our couch and into our beds. She is not shy to take advantage of a good long morning snuggle in bed. 

Things she hates: getting her nails trimmed, the vacuum cleaner and she is not super keen on swimming, but we’re hoping maybe she’ll change her mind this summer.

Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family. 



I have wanted to send an update for you on our dog for ages, so I am finally doing it!
We brought Edi (full name "Edinburgh") home in September 2018. He was a litter from Lacy.
He is just the most wonderful dog in the world. 
He is brilliant, he is focused, he is loving, and he is playful.
He loves every human he meets.
He keeps us active and busy which is what we wanted from our dog.

I have opened a new veterinary hospital in Kamloops, and he is our doggy mascot. His photo is featured everywhere in the clinic, and he has been involved in many photo shoots.
Everyone we meet is just blown away but his intensity and his ability to focus so deeply on our commands.


Edi's favourite things are trail runs, playing fetch in the park, working on agility, and falling asleep at our feet. He comes with us everywhere we go!


Edi now has a blue heeler for a sister and they are the best of friends!!


We wanted to say thank you so much for bringing these wonderful dogs into the world. 

Now at almost 8 months, Ranger is absolutely central to our family life and while definitely a bit naughty at times (he is a teenager after all!) he is such a joy to all 4 of us!!  Ranger is a very cuddly guy---even more so now than as a puppy--yet is also very outgoing and confident with other dogs.  His favourite thing to do is play with other dogs and has many doggie pals.  Ranger has been wonderful with our two children and remains super calm and well behaved even in the schoolyard surrounded by dozens of noisy kids! He's a dream out on the trails, interacting super well with other people and dogs and his recall even when deep in the forrest, is excellent.  He is very easy to train and has slept well in his crate since day one.  While he can now open the baby gate himself (and press the button for the car windows to poke his head out!) he usually doesn't, unless he needs to join us or check in with where we are in the house.  I'm sure he would do well at agility or any other specialty training, but we have mostly just wanted him to be a [part of our lives, so we trained him to behave on our paddleboards and Ranger turns out to be a great partner out on the ocean!  This is the dog meant to be with our family and we are very thankful to have him...



I adore this pup.  She is so smart.  My other dog took to her immediately and they play like crazy, so this is a triumph.

The first night in the crate she cried for maybe 2 minutes then fell asleep.  Had to get up 2x to let her out.  The next night she whimpered for 30 seconds, and the last night, not a peep.

She has not peed or pooped in the house and is learning to ring the bell on the door to go out.  We're working on the sit, stay, come and heel command on the leash and she is learning very quickly.

 She is already attached to me which is amazing!

Thanks for raising such an awesome pal.  I love her!



Hi Chrissy, here is a photo of our puppy!  His name is now Scout.  He and our other dog, Chase, get along so well.  Scout is one tough little guy - he plays rough and is a very determined puppy.  Chase has endless patience and energy and enjoys the rough play just as much.  Scout still isn't much of a nipper when he's playing with people.  He's also smart and sweet but not overly sensitive.  He still enjoys being held like a baby on his back.  We had our first thunderstorm and it didn't seen to bother him.  He loves people he knows, is somewhat indifferent toward people he doesn't but warms up quickly.  We love him so much and think he is just perfect!

~R.&C. B.


We are in love with our girl!  She is sweet and a very fast learner!  We have been in puppy classes and she is catching on quickly.  She has brought so much joy to our home, even our old girl, Suzie, is doing well with her.  She loves our grandkids too!   Thanks you so much for the start you gave her.  Everyday I get asked where we got her and I tell them all about you and your awesome dogs and give them your website and will continue to do so!  Thank you again!

~R.&C. M


Hi Chrissy,


Just wanted to tell you that Betty is doing fantastic! She is a amazing pup. She is a beautiful dog and is always in the mood for playing! She loves to meet new people. Whenever I am out for 20 minutes, she will wag her tail and go crazy whenever I come back. It is like I was away for 5 months! She has learned to sit and wait. Just wanted to let you know we are so happy to have her, thank you for everything!

~K.A. (age 10)


Just a quick note to let you know that everything is going so well, Jet is an amazing girl. It’s either beginner’s luck or she’s a special pup and I really think the credit goes to her, and to you for raising her so nicely and also providing that foundation training.  She sleeps through the night, she is not car sick, she has never peed/pooped in her crates, she likes her crates, she loves going to the vet, loves meeting new people, she has been following many commands since the beginning, she is smart, gentle, affectionate and sweet. So I call her the wonderpup! Our family wanted to let you know that we feel lucky to have her - thank you so much for everything! 



Hi Chrissy, thought I'd update you on Nelson.  He is so smart, so eager to please, so cuddly, good with other dogs, good with kids, (unless they run but we're working on that) and my best friend.  He and Revy are the absolute best of friends.  He just completed a training class and the trainer has said to me several times that he is going to be a CKC Champion. Lol. I don't know that I even care about that but if he enjoys it, we'll keep climbing the ladder.  More important is that he is a tree climbing, stream jumping, fearless adventurer.  We are going backpacking for the first time this weekend.  So Excited!  Basically he doesn't have one fault; not one!
Again, thank you so much.  I am so grateful for him!

Aldean is doing wonderfully.  A very happy boy full of curiosity and affection.  He is quite protective over my girlfriend and I and does frequent patrols of the property.  He is my little shadow.  He follows me everywhere. He'll lie at my feet while I'm washing the dishes.

His best friend is a Black Standard Poodle/Retreiver cross named Sofie.  They love to chase each other and he is very fast;  literally ripping up the grass when he turns a corner.

He's such a wonderful addition to our family and an excellent teammate.  I love him very much! 


Update - He is without a doubt the most wonderful dog I've ever owned.  Very Affectionate and playful.  He's learned how to unlatch and open his crate!

8 weeks old Max is doing great!  He's starting to get the hang of the house training, he knows his name, come and sit.  He and Everest just adore each other and play until they drop.  Haha.  Oh my goodness, he is the cutest!!!

12 week old Max loves to play frisbee!  Max is finally getting fast enough to catch it before Everest sometimes:)

Olivia is doing wonderful!  She is such a quick learner and can retain a new trick in just a few hours.  She was house trained in just 2 days!  She learns a new trick everyday.  She can shake a paw, roll over, high five, sits with only hand commands, get down, lie down, spin, rings her bell to go outside, and if I tell her to go find Mark, she runs around until she finds him.
She is very loving.  My favourite part of her personality is every time you leave her side and come back to her, she is so excited.  Even if you only got up to go get a glass of water, it's like you've been gone for days!
We are so in love with her, and feel that this was the best decision our family has ever made:)
~M. & N. S.

This is what happens when you buy your momma a puppy for Christmas...  You end up with 2!
JavaThePup and KyloRed are doing great with their families.  Plus, these twinsies get to see each other during family visits:)

Just thought I'd send you a couple pics of Nitro at months. He is doing great and has grown a lot!  We've enjoyed taking him on lots of hikes which he just loves!!  He has even tried out our pool a few times.  Just discovered that he has webbed feet which makes him quite a good swimmer.  Looking forward to taking him up to the cabin this Summer.  Hope he likes the boat.  We already bought him his own life jacket.  He has completed several dog obedience classes which has been great for all of us!!  Take Care.
~V. & J. P.

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